Dekton Kitchen Worktops Oxford

It is better to figure out the difference between quartz and Dekton kitchen countertops at Oxford. We will help you to know the various reasons Why Dekton won the race. The countertop surface of Dekton possesses heat resistance as well as stains and scratches resistance. Dekton is the human-made quartz or kind of Quartz that is highly durable and with the lowest maintenance worktops. 

Who is the manufacturer?

Cosentino is the manufacturer behind the Dekton High-end Kitchen Worktops Oxford. We originated from Spain with the mission of becoming the leading company and bringing innovation to our customers’ lives. We strive to deliver architectural and innovative designs offering great innovations and value. 

Why must Dekton Kitchen Worktops at Oxford be your Choice?


Working in the kitchen must be safe and secure. Thus, it is best to use Dekton because it is made up of fireproof material. You don’t have to worry much while working on your Dekton Kitchen Island at Oxford when you sear the scallops or torch out your crème Brulee. No thermal shock with boiling pans or skillets can damage the Dekton kitchen island.

Stain Resistance 

Moreover, the Dekton kitchen island is nonporous. It means strong virtual imperviousness against liquids, red wine, soya sauce, vinegar, ketchup, or makeup. Nothing matters to the Dekton Kitchen Worktop Offcuts of Oxford. Choose among any of the 70 colors, even if it’s any light color or white. You will not find any stain remnants. Unlike other Quartz countertops, our kitchen countertops need no sealing for protection against stain resistance.  

Thus, we remain the number one choice for Dekton Worktops Offcuts at Oxford against all other materials like quartz, stone, concrete, or wood, even if you want low maintenance. 


Dekton Kitchen Splashbacks Oxford is an essential item of your kitchen to save the countertops. Your glass splashbacks will ensure stain-free countertops. 



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